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Battle for Earth - Neanderthal vs Homo Sapien

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Added by Bob in Earth History



The story of how Homo Sapiens fresh out of Africa, once shared Europe, the Middle East and
Northern Asia with Neanderthals, living side by side for 15,000 years.

The group known as Non African Modern Humans includes Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals, we
were both of the same species.

Neanderthals looked much like modern humans only a little shorter, less chin, more heavily built
and stronger. Their skulls show that they had a slightly larger brain than that of modern humans.

Neanderthals buried their dead with flowers, practiced a form of religion, had a varied diet
including meat, fruit, cooked wild vegetables, fish. Neanderthals cared for the sick and lame.

Neanderthals made long term dwellings using mammoth bones for a frame and covered the frame
with animal hides and carved animal art on the bone framework. Neanderthals had sewing
needles, insulated clothing made from fur, hand drills, saws made from antlers, string and rope.
Neanderthals also wore shell and bone jewelry, painted their bodies and wore feathers.

Pure Neanderthals are not around any more but nether are pure Homo Sapiens fresh out of Africa.
We are a hybrid of both. We got our light skin, red hair, blonde hair, blue, green and hazel eyes
type 2 diabetes and many other things from Neanderthals..Neanderthal DNA is in all non Africans
so they were assimilated by Non African Modern Humans. Their DNA was diluted down because
there were many more Homo Sapiens. Most Europeans have about 3-5% Neanderthal DNA,
highest in Northern Europe, East Asians have only 1-2% Neanderthal DNA.


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