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Civilizations 1-Now

  • 1:03:07 History Of The Khazar People

    History Of The Khazar People

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    The Khazars (Greek: Χ?ζαροι, Hebrew: ?????? (Kuzarim), Turkish: Hazarlar, Tatar: Xäzärlär, Arabic: ???‎ (khazar), Russian: ??????, Persian: ???‎,Latin: Gazari[/Cosri /Gasani]) were a semi-nomadic Turk

  • 2:30:06 Shaka Zulu

    Shaka Zulu

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    Shaka ZuluA historical accurate movie about the life of the Zulu king, Shaka kaSenzangakhona.

  • 6:14:38 500 Nations (Must See)

    500 Nations (Must See)

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    Video uploaded for educational purposes protected by S.107 of the U.S.C.Tape # 1: "The Ancestors." Explores the creation stories of several tribes and continues with the early inhabitants, from the Anasazi of the Southwest to the glory of the Mayan cities

  • 1:37:51 Native America before European Colonization

    Native America before European Colonization

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    Upon the arrival of Columbus in 1492 in the Carabean Islands, unknown to Columbus (and majority of the Eastern Hemisphere), he landed on Islands located in the middle of two huge continents now known has North America and South America that was teaming wi

  • 1:00:08 The Mysterious Dark Ages

    The Mysterious Dark Ages

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    The term \"Dark Ages\" originally was intended to denote the entire period between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance; the term \"Middle Ages\" has a similar motivation, implying an intermediate period between Classical Antiquity and the Modern era. In

  • 53:09 Dawn of the Maya

    Dawn of the Maya

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    The Maya is a Mesoamerican civilization, noted for the only known fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas, as well as for its art, architecture, and mathematical and astronomical systems. Initially established during the Pre-Classic

  • Popular The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

    The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

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    The animation for this one hour documentary illustrates not only how the ancient cities of Chaco Canyon may have looked but also how they oriented to astronomical events.

  • Mystery of the Anasazi

    Mystery of the Anasazi

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    Who were the people that built the first cities—complete with apartment blocks—in North America? They were the Anasazi Indians, who lived in the Southwest for some eight or nine thousand years—and who then, in about 1300 AD, abruptly aba

  • 44:09 Popular England lost castles

    England lost castles

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    Most European Castles were made out of wood until the 12th Century, even the original Moscow Kremlin, built in 1156, was built using pine and not enlarged and rebuilt out of stone until 1380.In its simplest terms, the definition of a castle accepted among

  • 25:20 Popular Ancient warriors - Sioux

    Ancient warriors - Sioux

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    The Story of the Sioux warriors of the American Prairies.

  • 25:13 Hawaiians - Warriors of Paradise

    Hawaiians - Warriors of Paradise

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    Story about the Hawaiian warriors and the founding of the kingdom of Hawaii.

  • 25:15 Popular Ancient Warriors - The Irish

    Ancient Warriors - The Irish

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    Ancient Warriors: The Irish in the early Middle Ages.



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    Since the Basque language is unrelated to Indo-European, it is often thought that they represent the people or culture who occupied Europe before the spread of Indo-European languages there.It is thought that Basques are a remnant of the early inhabitants

  • 58:15 Popular Early History Of Scotland

    Early History Of Scotland

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    At the dawn of the first millennium, there was no Scotland or England. Oliver reveals the mystery of how the Gaelic Scottish Kingdom - Alba - was born, and why its role in one of the greatest battles ever fought on British soil defined the shape of Britai

  • History of Ancient Britain

    History of Ancient Britain

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    Covering the period 3100 BC -- 1000 AD. Simon Schama starts his story in the stone age village of Skara Brae, Orkney. Over the next four thousand years Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Danes, and Christian missionaries arrive, fight, settle and leave their

  • 58:55 Viking Sagas

    Viking Sagas

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    Hundreds of years ago in faraway Iceland the Vikings began to write down dozens of stories called sagas - sweeping narratives based on real people and real events from their great adventures in Europe, Asia, and North America.. The term Viking from Old No

  • 1:07:52 Republic of Turkey

    Republic of Turkey

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    The occupation of Constantinople and Smyrna by the Allies in the aftermath of World War I prompted the establishment of the Turkish national movement.Under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha, a military commander who had distinguished himself during th

  • Popular The Mississippians

    The Mississippians

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    Mississippian people constructed enormous earthen pyramids throughout the USA Midwest and South, they even played an early version of lacrosse.The Mississippian culture was a mound-building Native American culture that flourished in what is now the Midwes

  • Pyramids on the Mississippi

    Pyramids on the Mississippi

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    Largest pyramid city north of Mexico.Cahokia was the center of a pyramid civilization in the center of what s today called "The United States."It was one of hundreds of such pyramid sites. It was also the largest of them all.You can still climb the pyrami

  • The Frisians

    The Frisians

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    This is an educational animation, a visualization of Frisian trade routes from the capital Dorestad. There are not a lot of information videos about the Frisians. Below is a brief synopsis of the Frisians.The Frisians are very important in the history of

  • 59:15 Dutch Golden Age

    Dutch Golden Age

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    The Dutch Golden Age was a period in Dutch history, roughly spanning the 17th century, in which Dutch trade, science, military, and art were among the most acclaimed in the world. The first half is characterized by the Eighty Years' War till 1648. The Gol

  • 45:00 The Vandals

    The Vandals

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    The Vandals were an East Germanic tribe, or group of tribes, who lived in the south of what is today Poland. A large group of them moved via Gaul into Iberia in 409 and then in 429, under king Genseric, entered North Africa. By 439 they established a king

  • 43:25 The Goths

    The Goths

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    The Goths were Scandinavians from Western Sweden and the Island of Gotland.The Gothic language, is the oldest of all Germanic languages. Gothic is extinct as a spoken language but the grammar is known so we can read Gothic.The Goths were part of the Germa

  • 45:00 The Saxons

    The Saxons

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    The story of the Saxon invasion of England.Saxons, along with Angles, Frisians and Jutes, invaded or migrated to the island of Britain around the time of the collapse of Roman authority in the west. Saxon raiders had been harassing the eastern and souther

  • 2:02:03 Bulgaria - Khan Asparuh

    Bulgaria - Khan Asparuh

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    The Story of Khan Asparuh and BulgariaIn English with Bulgarian subtitles. In the early middle ages a new power rises in Eastern Europe and takes its place on the great historical scene of the known World. It is Bulgaria. Although it is not well known, Bu