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  • 1:54:25 The 13th Warrior

    The 13th Warrior

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    A band of Viking merchants are on the Volga River tradingwith the Volga Bulgars, their chief dies, a ship comes to their camp after the funeral seeking warriors to go on a great quest to save a small principality in the North from a great evil. 12 of theV

  • 2:57:34 Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar

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    Good movie, although as usual Pompei and Caesar, just like in their own time get all the credit while Marcus Crassus gets no mention whatsoever. Caesar would have been a nobody without Crassus' pocket book. Crassus is the one who paid for Caesar's politic

  • 1:43:29 The Last of the Vikings

    The Last of the Vikings

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    The Last of the Vikings, 1961 Harald and younger brother Guntar return to Norway after a 10-year voyage to find their father murdered and his lands now ruled by the villainous Sveno. As part of his plan to rally the Vikings against this tyrant, Harald dis

  • 1:35:51 Popular King of the Khyber Rifles

    King of the Khyber Rifles

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    King of the Khyber Rifles 1953 Starring Tyrone Power Freshly arrived Sandhurst-trained Captain Alan King, survives an attack on his escort to his North-West Frontier Province garrison near the Khyber Pass because of Ahmed, a native Afridi deserter from th

  • 6:02:38 The Warlord of Mars

    The Warlord of Mars

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    The Warlord of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs, audio book, video book, full length. 6 hours long. The 3rd book of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars science fiction books that started in 1917 with "A Princess of Mars", the main character is John Carter of Virginia.

  • 1:26:26 Cheyenne Warrior (1994)

    Cheyenne Warrior (1994)

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    As war is brewing between the Union and the Confederacy, Matthew and Rebecca are travelling west to start a new life in Oregon. Along the way, they stop at a remote trading post, where they meet up with some Cheyenne Indians. Though the Cheyenne are frien

  • Popular The Day After

    The Day After

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    The Day After American Nuclear Holocaust [full movie 122 minutes]"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." Albert Einstein.

  • Popular The Sword and the Dragon

    The Sword and the Dragon

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    An English language version of the Russian film, "Ilya Muromets" (1956). This film was based upon the exploits of the greatest hero of the Russian epic folk ballads.100,000 extras, 11,000 horses, hundreds of thousands of rubles spent, diligent care taken

  • The Dead Mountaineer Hotel

    The Dead Mountaineer Hotel

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    Sci-Fi English Subtitles Note: This is the Russian dubbed version of the film, the original dialogue was in Estonian, thanks to indrekparli for mentioning in as well, in the comments section.In 1979, two Soviet science-fiction films were released, both of

  • 1:08:30 Popular The Lady from Chungking

    The Lady from Chungking

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    In World War II, a Chinese resistance leader plans to save two captured American soldiers and have them help her resistance movement.

  • 52:51 Hawk of Powder River

    Hawk of Powder River

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    George Daniels, The editor of the Powder River News, is killed by the Hawk, the leader of an outlaw gang, because he has attacked the gang in his newspaper. William Chambers, owner of the Bar-X-2 ranch, does not know that his niece, Vivian, is the Hawk an

  • 1:48:31 Shalako


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    A fairly standard Louis Lamour western. Shalako, the hunter and tracker has to save a party of European hunters who are in danger from an Indian uprising.

  • Kansas Pacific

    Kansas Pacific

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    .Stars Sterling Hayden, Barton Maclane and Eve MillerDirected by Ray Nazaro, Written by Daniel B UllmanProduced by Allied Artists (1953, Public Domain)Just before the Civil War (but after the South has seceded), Southern saboteurs try to prevent railroad

  • Moby Dick

    Moby Dick

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    This classic story by Herman Melville revolves around Captain Ahab and his obsession with a huge whale, Moby Dick. The whale caused the loss of Ahab's leg years before, leaving Ahab to stomp the boards of his ship on a peg leg. Ahab is so crazed by his de

  • 1:46:11 Mowgli


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    All the Mowgli Stories is a collection of short stories by Rudyard Kipling. As the title suggests, the book is a chronological compilation of the stories about Mowgli from The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book, together with "In the Rukh" (the first

  • Highway Dragnet

    Highway Dragnet

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    Mrs. Cummings, a free-lance magazine photographer and a recent widow after her husband committed suicide, and her model, Susan, are on an assignment to cover resorts California and Nevada. Driving west from Las Vegas they pick up Jim Henry, a recently-dis

  • WW II - Yesterday's Enemy

    WW II - Yesterday's Enemy

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    Cut off by the Japanese advance into Burma, Captain Langford (Stanley Baker)and his exhausted British troops take over an enemy-held jungle village. Despite the protests of an elderly padre (Guy Rolfe) and of war correspondent Max Anderson (Leo McKern), L

  • Yankee Buccaneer

    Yankee Buccaneer

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    A United States Navy ship in the first half of the 19th century, under the command of Captain David Porter, is expecting to put ashore after a year on the seas; but the arrival of one of Porter's ex-students, the willful and independent Lieutenant David F

  • Raiders of Old California

    Raiders of Old California

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    It is California, 1847, the Mexican American war is over and a crooked American cavalry officer and his men seize land from Mexican residents. But the Marshall and a courageous settler come to their defense.

  • Flash Gordon - The Deadly Ray From Mars

    Flash Gordon - The Deadly Ray From Mars

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    1938 B&W Science Fiction Movie = Buster Crabbe As Flash Gordon

  • 3:19:50 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

    Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

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    A mysterious plague, the Purple Death, ravages the earth. Dr. Zarkov, investigating in his spaceship, finds a ship from planet Mongo seeding the atmosphere with dust. Sure enough, Ming the Merciless is up to his old tricks. So it's back to Mongo for Flash

  • 1:09:16 Davy Crockett - Indian Scout

    Davy Crockett - Indian Scout

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    Davy Crockett - Indian Scout, Full movie.

  • Popular Queen of Babylon

    Queen of Babylon

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    Yvonne Furneaux ◊ John EricsonStory of an ancient Assyrian queen that supposedly took place around 810 B.C.

  • 1:40:46 Popular Sword of Lancelot

    Sword of Lancelot

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    Sword of Lancelot is a British 1963 film starring Cornel Wilde, his real-life wife at the time, Jean Wallace, and Brian Aherne. This lesser-known version of the Camelot legend is a work almost solely made by Cornel Wilde, who co-produced, directed, co-wro

  • 1:04:58 Charlie Chan at The Opera

    Charlie Chan at The Opera

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    Ace Chinese detective Chan is back on the case and this one is regarded by most as one of the best in the entire Detective Chan series.The opera star Gravelle suffers amnesia. He is a recent escapee from an insane asylum, accused of murdering fellow perfo