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  • 1:26:24 Popular Top Ten Natural Disasters

    Top Ten Natural Disasters

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    Top 10 Natural Disasters, BBC Documentary Throughout History there has always been great natural disasters, floods, great storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides. Some of these disasters have changed the course of History,

  • 45:03 Disaster Planet

    Disaster Planet

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    ©National Geographic Nature's fury can be described in many ways -- tsunamis, Earthquakes, tornados, and volcanic eruptions. Disaster Planet looks at how and why these natural disasters occur, and asks if there is a way to prevent them from happening

  • Pole Shift

    Pole Shift

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    Earth's Force Field: The Earths magnetic field, the protector of all life on Earth is under constant attack from deadly cosmic radiation. This invisible shield that we live in is weakening in a region over the South Atlantic, leaving it exposed to potenti